Critical Race Theory in the Media

In relation to one of the main tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), intersectionality claims that many people do not have a unitary identity. There is a double or triple consciousness among people that have multiple identities, therefore dealing with various sorts of oppression. Black women have often encountered the racist, sexist, and classist systems … More Critical Race Theory in the Media

bell hooks and White Supremacy Capitalist Patriarchy

hooks believes that the media is the conveyor and teacher of white supremacy. She uses the jargon phrase White Supremacy Capitalist Patriarchy is describe how each of the interlocking systems work together to maintain status quo. hooks (1984) describes capitalism as the perpetuator of patriarchy, which attributed to the oppression of women and minorities. The … More bell hooks and White Supremacy Capitalist Patriarchy

Blogs and social media in education

As someone that is studying mass communication, blogs have become very important teaching and learning tools for students that are learning about journalism and social media. Blogs have become news sources and are increasing in popularity among people that do not have time to read traditional newspapers. However, blogs are not just for journalism; bloggers … More Blogs and social media in education

Social media as a supplement for traditional media

For years, as journalists, we have argued about how the media acts as gatekeepers and are not getting all of the news that is relevant to the public. Now with social media and the internet, the public is exposed to many stories and events without restrictions. Whatever the news media cannot cover due to economic … More Social media as a supplement for traditional media

Diversity in Higher Education

The standard for diversity and inclusiveness encourages departments and school of journalism and mass communication to develop curriculum and an environment that is reflective of the diversity and complexity of people, perspectives and beliefs in society.  Programs are encouraged to select students and faculty members that include the representation of women and people of diverse … More Diversity in Higher Education

African Americans in the Media: Past and Present

Television programming has been slow to change the representation of African Americans and creating characters that are equal to their white counterparts. Television programs are not designed to change and revolutionize public opinion but to be reflective of current events. The media has been described as being powerful and influential yet television is not changing … More African Americans in the Media: Past and Present

Mass Communication Theories (old and new)

Social media has created a more open and transparent global community to its users. There is now instant communication between people that live hundreds or thousands of miles apart. It created a greater social awareness of the world around us. There are many opportunities for media professionals. They can now give live accounts of events … More Mass Communication Theories (old and new)